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Azure Cost Optimization

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We’ve spent weeks digging into Azure contracts, calculators and used our years of experience optimizing Azure environments to put together the definitive guide to Azure cost optimization.

In this eBook, you'll learn how to lower Azure cloud costs for:

  • Production environments
  • Non-production environments
  • Developer sandboxes

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While every environment differs we’ve tried to give you hard stats about exactly how much you can expect to save with each of the 9 strategies provided.

The cloud continues to grow in complexity.

  • AWS, Azure & GCP now have over 500,000 items in their catalogs
  • Per-second billing at 2.6M seconds in each month makes for complex bills
  • 5 different Azure contracts/discounts all with pre-requisites

We’ve done our absolute best to simplify all of this.

No matter what type of Azure environment you have, applying even just a few of the strategies can save you big on your Azure environments.

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Download the Azure Cost Optimization eBook

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