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Cloud Management Platforms are changing. 

It’s time to leave behind the old way of managing cloud environments and move toward embracing the future cloud management platform – one that is designed for microservices, containers, DevOps and hybrid IT. We’re calling it CMP 2.0.

In this CMP 2.0 eBook, you’ll learn how this new generation of cloud management platform will help businesses deliver modern features, services, and solutions far more rapidly than ever before – while maintaining a high quality and rich user experience.

You'll also learn benefits across the following nine use cases:

  • DevOps Methodology
  • Continuous QA
  • Continuous, Shift-Left Performance
  • Automated Staging to Production
  • Kubernetes Version Management
  • Single Pane of Glass Management for Containers
  • Integrated Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Expense Management
  • Easier adoption of Both DevOps & Microservices

Download the CMP 2.0 Whitepaper