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The hybrid cloud is here to stay, and as enterprises embrace this change, they need to be prepared to morph from an infrastructure-based, software-defined data center focus for their traditional applications and workloads to a world where they must also embrace cloud-scale microservices-based applications built and deployed using DevOps methodology.

Hybrid clouds now require software that is built for automation, orchestration, and policy-based governance applied to both legacy and new microservices-based applications while facilitating DevOps processes and maintaining the associated delivery speed, high quality and rich user experience.

Torsetn Volk, EMA Scott Davis, Embotics CTO
Torsten Volk,
Managing Research Director,
Scott H. Davis,
EVP of Engineering & CTO,

Enterprise Management Associates


In this webinar, Enterprise Management Associates’ (EMA) Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director - Hybrid Cloud, SDDC & Machine Learning, and Embotics EVP of Engineering & Chief Technology Officer, Scott H. Davis discuss how to get your digital business moving faster than ever with provisioning automation and DevOps while reducing costs and maintaining proper governance.

Topics include:

  • The 10 priorities for efficiently managing hybrid cloud, containers and DevOps
  • How to enable your company to achieve application modernization and take advantage of related benefits 
  • Why enterprises are rapidly shifting more data center applications to hybrid cloud platforms
  • How process orchestration and cloud native API consumption improves the performance of applications and eliminates manual tasks

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